Kish Island
:: Pearl of the Persian Gulf ::
Encompassing a 91Sq. km area in the Persian Gulf, Kish is an oval-Shaped and almost a flat island with its highest-elevation standing 33m above sea level. Kish is also situated, at its nearest distance, 200 km of U.A.E, 17 km of Iran's main land and 300 km of Bandar-Abbas.

Additionally, five months of warm and humid climate prevail in the island due to an average annual temperature of 26 degree centigrade and an average annual rain fall of 150 mm. Generally, both splendid natural features and 9 months of pleasantly moderate climate provide desirable conditions and thus transform the island into an ideal heaven and a magnet for all tourists, domestic and foreign alike. Now, armed with longer and more extensive experiences in commercial and tourism activities, Kish Free Zone also benefits from the availability of basic infrastructure necessary for various economic activities or projects in the island.

Qeshm Island
:: Qeshm, A bright Outlook onto Active and Exuberant Iranian Island on Persian Gulf ::
Qeshm island, lying the length of the strait of Hormoz, enjoys an exceptional location between the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean such that vessels bound for all riverian states (Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman) are obliged to pass within proximity of its southern shores and all east and west bound air-traffic to pass through its air space. The island, by all definitions, is the gateway to the Persian Gulf. Qeshm thus stands watch over the channel through which the bulk of the world's oil and gas has always and shall, for the next 100 years, be transported.