Shiraz is perhaps one of the most attractive of all Iranian cities. It it situated in 919 KM south of Tehran. Although there is deluxe bus and train service, it is recommended to take an hour flight from Tehran to get to Shiraz. Because of its altitude, 1600 meters (5000 feet) the climate is very agreeable, a mild winter and bearable heat in summer. Shiraz has always been the center of art and literature in the Middle East. One of the oldest universities dating back to the 7th Century and tomb of the greatest poets and philosophers have been located in this city.

Tomb of Saadi, the great Persian poet in Shiraz Tomb of Hafez, the great Persian poet in Shiraz Vakil Mosque in Shiraz The 48 spiral shaped columns carry the weight of the whole building without using any metal reinforcement. Eram Park with historical monuments in Shiraz Eram in Persian means paradise and this park was named Eram beacuse of its charm, purity and beauty. Arke Karim Khan Zand in Shiraz This was a military compound and castle built in 1749 by Karim Khan Zand the first king of the Zandieh dynasty. It is now turned to museum.